Kunstmuseum (formerly Gemeentemuseum), The Hague


February 26, 2015


It is spring break, it is drizzly weather, it is just a few days before the last weekend Rothko in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. And therefore it is busy. I’ve never seen so many people here, except right after the opening of the Stedelijk in Amsterdam.
Yet it is pleasantly busy. This overview of Rothko’s work is once in a lifetime and everyone is impressed and you can feel the tranquillity, caused by these works, in the crowded halls.

After a period of surrealism, Rothko threw himself into the abstract. And over time, and after many quite colorful abstract works, Mark Rothko (Marcus Rothkowitz) no longer wants to be known as the “colorist”. His canvases become more sober in tone. Earthlier, black. The lights must be perfect and this museum does that perfectly.
I felt immersed in the areas on the large canvases. An unique experience.