Joods Historisch Museum, Amsterdam

January 10, 2012

"I like the idea that simple and unimportant
things can be a source of great beauty," Saul
Leiter is being quoted on a wall in the JHM.

Saul Leiter (1923-2013) was photographing
New York's street scene in his own way. Often
in reflective glass, blur, contrasts, shadow or
partly covered by cloths or umbrellas.
Restrained, with lyric and feeling for the
everyday. Very beautiful in black and
white and in colour. He discovered colour
by discovering that these films were being
Saul was rediscovered very late. In a video,
he speaks of his life in poverty in which the
gas was shut off, or what difficult it was to
take pictures if the camera is at the pawnshop,
or even when all equipmen in this studio was
taken in custody by the tax authorities.

(pics by an old smartphone, sorry)