Monet, The Garden Paintings



Kunstmuseum, The Hague


January 28, 2020


Monet – The Garden Paintings
(De tuinen van Monet)
This Monet-exhibition is one of the largest in 30 years in the Netherlands. A number of paintings were never showed here and there are about 40 paintings from all over the world!
Paintings of water, lilies, flowers, gardens. As Monet himself said: “These landscapes of water and reflections become an obsession”.
That might be the visitors impression too. Because so many water lilies, all kind of flowers, reflections in water and  abstract impressions of all of these are overwhelming.

When Monet moved to Giverny in 1883 he created two gardens which were inspired on the traditional Japanese style of gardening. There he painted in more then 40 years hundreds of paintings of reflections of the water lilies. These paintings are impressions in his own style, where there is no depth or even sometimes an unrecognizable or abstract palette of colours. Timeless. Experimenting with materials, colours, techniques. You would like to climb into his head and try to discover what drove him to this obsession, to this never ending project.
You can’t, so you can only drown in his ponds of lilies.