Marlene Dumas



Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


October 5, 2014


The Image As Burden
Marlene Dumas (1953, South Africa) came to the Netherlands in the 70’s and settled after a while in Amsterdam where she still lives and works. Most of her exhibitions were in foreign countries, like USA, Japan, South Africa, Germany and more. The Image As Burden was the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands in 20 years, with almost 200 paintings and drawings.
A sensational and intriguing exhibition, because what you see is intense as well as emotional, representing historical motifs, or today’s world in politics but also in subjects like love, death and lust.
These paintings address you direct and expressive with a very own vision. Look at how Marlene Dumas handles waterpaint and the way it finishes almost every painting in a unique and personal style, which I couldn’t get enough of.