Streetstyle Q1 2020

Pictures of different places in black and white. Black and white gives the image a complete different ambiance than colorprints. Also the technique is nice to play with. Playing with contrast, shadows, tuning the colorscales is part of the joy….

black-and-white street
Streetphotography in color

Most of the time I search my subjects in the neighbourhood of ‘De Dam’ (Dam square) in the centre of Amsterdam. It is always very busy in this part of the city, so many people, too many tourists. On the…

Images from the streets autumn 2019

Images from different places: one Maastricht, one ferry opposite Central station, rest is again near the town centre of Amsterdam.

black-and-white street

Just some nice automn-pics made in de woods near Doorn  

At the market

The markets in the city are usually crowded and perfect for the patient photographer. It is nice to shoot in color. The people are also colorful as well as the marketstables. These were shot at the market Albert Cuyp, where…

Vintage Nikkor’s

On a cheap K&F Concept adapter, my older Nikkors function very well. These images were taken with a Non-AI 28mm f3.5 and the last two with a Non-AI 50mm f2. These lenses were purchased in the 70’s and 80’s. These…

objects vintage-nikkor
Churches in Dordogne

Since a number of years I spent time to visit as much as possible old and small churches in villages in France, Dordogne, Perigord-Noir. These churches are mostly more than 600 years old. Sometimes they are a little bit modernized,…

architecture hdr
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