Where am I and why I am building this site?
I am here 🙂 and there’s no urgent reason doing this! Photography as a hobby… And all I know is that I’m spending so much time finding out what is technically possible, which lens is better, which software is best for HDR processing, what ND filter should I buy…. Searching the Net and reading about photography takes a lot of time. Searching for a better way to show those pics is the other bothering issue. Using WordPress opens so many possibilities in even so many portfolio-themes! Here I am, busy archiving photographs of all kinds of subjects, placing them properly in a Lightroom catalog. Now it’s time to do something and try to publish what I really like. Not only will I act as a photographer, but also as a visitor of (mostly dutch) museums of modern art. That delivers some kind of a diary, or photo blog with impressions of what I’ve seen in the past and recent present. Now you know me: I like photography and I love modern art. And the combination of both. And oh yes, of course I still like WordPress. My old WP-blog ‘Waandag’ is not deleted. You can still find it here.